Building blocks for a healthier future!

Students were recently quoted after volunteering with GHA.  The Students without Borders Academy focused their time with GHA working with a smokeless stove project from Contextual Solutions, rain catchment systems for the indigenous community of Salt Creek in the Bocas del Toro Islands, and supporting a medical clinic being constructed for the Casa Hogar Trisker Children’s Home.

I think it’s safe to say that they are already planning their return GHA Experience!

smokeless stove from Contextual Solutions


“Thanks, I was proud to be a part of what we accomplished.  Great teamwork and coordination, due in no small part because of the excellent detailed preparations GHA made.  Hope we can continue this partnership.

Jerry Hedrick

Member, Boquete Rotary Club

(following 17 recent water projects between the Shasta Valley Rotary Club, the Boquete Rotary Club, Contextual Solutions, Peace Corps Volunteers, and GHA)

Jerry's apprentice

TVR has reignited my passion for giving back to the community. To watch D. Robert inspire people to do good things is amazing and I am proud to be a small part of this great organization.”

-Chester Kroeger

Donor (& friend)

Nothing but smiles!

Setting off to our water catchment project in Salt Creek on a cayuka

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Dunham Cobb, Board Member

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Dunham Cobb

What do George W. Bush and Dunham L. Cobb have in common – they’re both Texas lads with degrees from Yale. Dunham did it fours years, not sure how long it took W. Like number 43, Dunham also has close ties to the oil & gas business. Today, Dunham, among other notable accomplishments, is a Moral Hazard Prevention expert of uncommon renown. In fact, it’s accurate to say he’s one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject having authored papers and served as a contributing editor on several books and business seminar presentations which are used daily as reference materials by Fortune 500 companies in their stepped up attempts to remove temptation from among their ranks that can lead to scandals like the Enron debacle.

His journey from a schoolboy at Dallas’ St. Mark’s all-boys school — although many thought he attended Hockaday, the all-girls sister school, as he was often spotted on the premises — to his present position of Principal for International Commerce Inc., headquartered in Houston, is filled with exciting and impressive highlights along the way.

Before going to Yale he lived in Spain for a couple of years where he attended a very strict Jesuit high school which prepared him well for college – which doesn’t explain why he earned an economics degree in five years when four years is commonplace. Oh well. Dunham fell in love with the Latin culture and promised himself that he would return to it someday. More on that later.

To be technically correct, Dunham is a recognized expert in Trading Risk Management, which means he’s comfortable, proficient and valuable when he provides expert witness testimony and litigation support, and advice on corporate governance, energy price and credit risk management, asset optimization and adequacy testing pertaining to Sarbanes-Oxley. How could one person be so good in so many disciplines? Well, let’s take a look at why Dunham is the real deal. Before joining International Commerce Inc. he was a leader of the Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Trading and Risk Management Group…and before that he was he was Director of Risk Strategies for FLP Energy…and before that he was Vice President of Risk Management for Florida Power & Light…and before that he was Director of Financial Risk Management for Columbia Energy Services…and before that he was Vice President of Risk Management for Eastex Energy…and before that, when he was a pup, Dunham was a futures broker for Merrill, for Underwood and for Lehman. Makes sense now, right?

For exercise Dunham reads books. While he admits turning all those pages doesn’t lead to breaking a good sweat, he also acknowledges that reading is a low impact sport and saves a lot of wear and tear on his joints. Remember, Yale grad, degree in four years, he’s smart, okay?

True to himself, he has in fact returned to the Latin culture. He has a home in Houston and a home in the mountains of western Panama (the country) where he plans to retire one day. As you would expect Dunham is fluent in Spanish which is a great help when he’s working as a volunteer in Panama at a center for abused and abandoned children. Dunham’s heart is almost as big as his brain.

Bio courtesy of:


Stephanie Rudat

Passion, principle, and allegiance are the driving forces behind Stephanie Rudat’s every move. A legitimate social entrepreneur, she blends an array of eclectic business and life experiences to propel those within her sphere of influence toward an impactful existence.  Her intentions are continually realized through her work, advocacy, and relationships.  Purpose drives Stephanie’s actions.

Stephanie is a partner at Absot Marketing, a global firm that generates, strategically implements, and maintains the digital presence of businesses, causes, and individuals in conjunction with traditional marketing efforts to achieve their client’s objectives.  Work is not a job to Stephanie! She’s discovered the rewarding balance of blending digital tactics often innovated on the cause front to sustain digital platforms in the for-profit sector while applying business tactics to transform causes into effective, scalable and sustainable movements. Clients benefit from cutting-edge innovation and she relishes in the world of activism.

In reaction to the rise of connective technologies’ influence on civic engagement, Stephanie co-founded Alliance for Youth Movements (AYM) to synthesize best practices of successful digital movements and arm them with tools and resources to scale their efforts.  AYM is a global network that promotes innovative uses of technology to safeguard human rights, promote good governance and foster civic empowerment.

Taking this a step further, she is launching {think}CONSORTIUM in 2011 to empower influential leaders in technology, media, private and public sectors with the some of the world’s most promising activists to promote tolerance, strengthen networks, provide trainings, and develop lasting partnerships.  {think}CONSORTIUM is her dream come true and is launching its first program, {think}CUBA in April, 2011.

Stephanie is a vocal advocate of nonviolent activism and has been acknowledged on The Huffington Post as one of the 11 Twitter Activists You Should Be Following. Later, she joined the team of bloggers on Huffington Post and can be found crawling the globe speaking, advising and working hands-on with the people she accredits for bringing meaning to her life.
Stephanie Rudat


Twitter: @srudat

Blast from the past!

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Archived newsletters from our early days (click here).


Archived volunteer journals from our early days (click here).