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OUR FEATURED Group Expedition is  “Volunteer Island!”

Imagine a place where “Service meets Survivor”…

Well, imagine no more.  GHA’s newest camp is located in the Caribbean Archipelago of  Bocas del Toro, Panama.

This more than 100 acre island property spans from our base camp on the bay over looking the mangroves to weekend excursions on the beach.

Here you’ll find yourself immersed in rich island jungle, surrounded by monkeys, sloths, strawberry dart frogs (don’t worry) & pristine beaches.

Friendly neighbor on the island, the tree sloth!

Your days can be spent tending to the cocoa trees, clearing the jungle passage to the beach, & working with local schools.  You’ll have the opportunity to organize beach clean-ups, teach local children the value of recycling & spend time playing a little futbol (soccer) on your recently cleaned beach.  Construction projects abound in this tropical environment & can range from village walkways to water catchment programs, to new school classrooms, to elderly home repairs.

You’ll spend your nights in our jungle lodge.  A rustic cabin found under the island’s canopy of cocoa & palm trees, where you’ll find yourself surrounded with beautiful island vistas  for an incredible adventure.  But before calling it a day, you’ll regain your energy by enjoying local foods prepared over wood-burning fires.  We hope you enjoy fish, shrimp, lobster, clams, coconut rice, bananas, papaya & more…  easily purchased from passing dugout canoes, or at the fishing village just a short hike down the beach.  Afterwords the torch lit pathways will lead you to a nightly celebration of the days events & then back to the cabin.

Your week will be full of service &  island adventures.  All we’re waiting on is you?  What are you waiting on?

Weekly Excursions $398

“Volunteer Island” Includes:
Rustic Lodging
Breakfast & Lunch
Volunteer Projects
Beach Bonfire

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Sittin' on the dock of the bay...

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