The Volunteer Revolution

THE:  used to indicate uniqueness

VOLUNTEER: to perform a service of one’s own free will

REVOLUTION: a fundamental change in the way of thinking… a change of paradigm


The Volunteer Revolution’s goal is to positively impact the world and its people by engaging volunteers in international service work. We accomplish this goal by recruiting enthusiastic volunteers from across the globe and partnering with international service agencies to serve the needs of those less fortunate. Our efforts accomplish the two part goal of providing relief and assistance to needy people of the world, while training, motivating, and empowering a new generation of active, globally-conscious citizens.


What makes us different from other relief organizations is our focus volunteer involvement, and the ability to match volunteers with a variety of relief and service opportunities that are not confined to a specific cause. We attract volunteers to service by making it accessible & affordable, and adventurous.

Join “The Volunteer Revolution” today!

  1. Riley says:

    Hey this is Riley Armstrong. I am going to be in panama between June 1 and June 14 th. Do you have any opportunities to volunteer at this time. I have experience with construction.

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