Children’s Medical Clinic, In Memory of E. Lee Robinson

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The Casa Hogar Selma & Herbert Trisker Children’s Home of Boquete, Panama

Construction begins soon!

I first met Randy Robinson on a dock in Maui.  He had hired the boat I was crewing for a whale watching tour, he was wearing a pink shirt, a straw hat, and had @ 10 of his staff members with him.  This was  a company trip for Robinson Construction & the boys were definitely in vacation mode.  I remembering thinking, “oh no, not already…  it’s only 8:30 in the morning…”

However, I was rapidly recruited to join in the festivities & treated like family, literally.  When members of the company asked Randy who I was, he would reply “oh that’s my son, he just flew in from college”.  In true Robinson fashion, I was offered a job before the weekend even ended!

Fast forward a few months & I land at the Portland Intl. Airport courtesy of a ticket purchased by Randy.  A few days later, I traveled with Randy to one of his job sites, & on the way he said “what do you want to do?” (apparently this was my job interview).

Fast forward a few more months & I’m driving a H2 Hummer & managing Randy’s 800 acre ranch in Central Oregon… Not a bad gig!

Fast forward a few more months & I’m sitting at lunch with Randy & he says “I’ve been thinking… we have the ranch, we have boats, we have hunting, we have the equipment… why don’t you really run it as a Sportsman’s Lodge… I wouldn’t need to make anything off of it, just use my stuff & make a business for yourself…”

You see Randy has this uncanny habit of giving people opportunities & seeing what they will do with them.  He’ll open the door (or, in some cases just knock it down) & then see how you walk through it.

I had been wanting to tell Randy about my idea, but hadn’t had the right opportunity.  So, sitting at lunch with an incredible offer just sitting on the table, I began to define what I had been thinking & working on in my spare time, I told Randy about my Volunteer Revolution project.  I could see his wheels turning & after a few moments he responded, “that seems like a pretty cool idea Cpt. Ron (the nickname given to me that early morning in Maui), we’ll support you however we can.”

Family Robinson

From that day forward, Randy would ask how things were going (perhaps, watching to see how I would walk through the door).  Randy & his family not only opened doors for me, they opened their business, their lives & their homes.  They provided me with vehicles, a paycheck, & some of the most incredible weekend trips ever.  From road-trips in the RV to football games, to flying in the helicopter over Central Oregon, to taking a jet boat up the Snake River, to weekends at the lake house, enjoying their corporate box at the Trailblazers games, cruising in the company yacht during the holidays, setting up hunting camps, & listening to Johnny Cash’s “Burning Ring of Fire” on repeat… (listen for yourself) There was one weekend trip that I was fortunate enough NOT to go on… It ended with a voice-mail from Randy, “Cpt. Ron, I’m going to need you to go bail Bob out of jail… stop by office in the morning, I’ll have money for you & Carleen will have your plane ticket.”

Needless to say, my first impression of the guy in the pink shirt & straw hat was pretty much on track.  I just failed to realize how much he would impact my life.

I’ve had some amazing adventures with the Robinson Construction family, but what I value the most are the lessons I learned from watching Randy.

*Open doors for everyone, but let them choose whether or not to walk through them

*Play hard, but WORK harder

*There are no problems, only opportunities to excel

*Respect the intelligence & potential of youth

So, it is with great enthusiasm that we will be dedicating the medical clinic at the Casa Hogar Selma & Herbert Trisker Children’s Home of Boquete, Panama in HONOR of the Robinson Family & MEMORY of Randy’s father, E. Lee Robinson.  In the Robinson spirit, we will open the doors of the medical clinic & provide an opportunity for better health for the children of Casa Hogar Trisker.

E. Lee Robinson (pictured left) Randy Robinson (pictured right)


Randy, from myself, staff, volunteers, & donors THANK YOU for opening doors.  The opportunities you have provided are being & will continue to be realized by countless communities both here in Panama & around the world.


d. robert pickett

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  2. […] Children’s Medical Clinic, In Memory of E. Lee Robinson […]

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