Featured Volunteer – Tyler Young

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Uncategorized
This month we would like to give special recognition to Tyler Young for his passion, efforts, and dedication. Tyler was part of the Students Without Borders Academy from Canada that traveled to Panama to install 3 water catchment systems in the indigenous region at Salt Creek on Bastimentos Island in Bocas del Toro, work with Dead Wheat Foundation, and run a day camp at the local orphanage.  He was always ready to get his feet wet and hands dirty with whatever task was given to him.  He also helped keep the group motivated and in good spirits with his revitalizing guitar playing.
“I came to panama with a student group called students without boarders Academy based out of my home town Vernon British Colombia Canada. I applied to go on this trip because it was better than having school and having the experience of traveling is something that I would like to have. As part of our trip, Dave Fehr our teacher was recommended to Robb Pickett who runs Global Humanitarian Adventures, and who created our schedule and ultimately brought us to volunteer island.
Also as part of our course we were told to create a project to somehow better our community either locally or globally. It took me a lot of searching to find what I was going to base my project on. I knew I wanted to blend my passion for music with this project but did not know how. I realized that in our house we had many instruments, and a few that were never played and more of ornamental pieces than functional instruments. I got our two classical guitars and fixed them up to be well playing instruments, then I went down to a local music shop and asked if they would be willing to support me in this, they provided me with 2 hard shell cases to protect the guitars and also with a good discount when buying noise makers to give as well. The other problem I had was shipping the guitars down because many airlines want extra money to ship over sized luggage, I went to our local curling club and asked for bottles to pay for the shipping and raised enough to ship them down.
This achievement is one that I would like to see happen again and again to support musicians who may not have access to quality instruments to perform their art. My time in panama brought me to meet some excellent musicians and also people thrilled to hear a guitar played. It affected how I play and gave me a lesson that has recently been reinforced by some world class musicians, to listen more than you play with others so that you build off each other. This lesson is really a way of living in harmony with your surroundings that if you listen and build off those around you, you start to be less of a consumer and become a participant in something larger than yourself without trying to steal the spotlight.
My time is Panama will always stick with me, and God willing will return some day.” – Tyler Young
Many thanks to you, Tyler, for taking the lead and serving the community.
For information on how you too can become involved in a Global Humanitarian Adventure, visit us online at www.goGHA.org
  1. cliff harvey says:

    I may have met tyler about 3 or 4 weeks ago at Salt Creek during a discussion of possible hazards of paint or other coatings on roof rainwater collection areas. Anyhow, I’d be curious about what, if any, conclusions you came to. Also, if someone can ask Robb to contact me, please pass this along.
    thanks. Cliff Harvey.

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