Featured Donors – Sam, Karen, & Megan

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Samantha Kolb, Karen Pontious, and Megan VanderZwaag from Students Without Borders Academy arrived in Panama with over an incredible $2,500 in fundraising!!! We are very gracious and humbled by their time and energy spent raising money for a community they had never met.

“Sam, Karen and I organized a couple lunches at school and sold it to the students and teachers. But the majority of the funds came from donations from members of our community.

Volunteering at the orphanage was a very interesting experience. I really enjoyed it, but it was also quite sad to see the conditions that these children were living in. I’m so happy that we chose to support the orphanage!

Volunteering and spending time with the Dead Wheat Foundation was absolutely amazing!! I know my whole class felt quite inspired by them and what they are doing to serve the world. One of my highlights of the trip was volunteering with them at Salt Creek. I think the experience I had at Salt Creek really opened my eyes to the realities that so many people live in.

My experience in Panama was way better then what I could’ve ever imagined! Some things were expected, but everyday there was something new to experience.

In the beginning of September, when our class first came together, we embraced the motto “it’s not about you”. At that time, I think a lot of us thought we understood what this meant, but to actually live it out is a completely different story. Throughout the semester of school, our understanding of this concept began to grow, but it wasn’t until we came to Panama that it became so much more relevant.  We are so spoiled here in Canada. Without realizing it, our whole lives usually tend to resolve around ourselves and our needs. Being in a different culture, where a complete stranger will stop what they are doing and help you out, really set an example of how we all should be living our lives. By living a humble life you are able to care so much more for the people around you and the rest of the world.” – Megan VanderZwaag

“Volunteering is one of my favorite things to do and being a part of this experience meant a lot to me. I never thought I would feel so connected to the people and the environment. This opportunity has motivated me to continue to volunteer in greater aspects of my life.  I learned to not get caught up in my own world. Being a part of something more than just your own surroundings is really the key to living a fulfilling life. I LOVED PANAMA and I loved working with you guys. Thank you SOO much for the opportunity!” – Karen Pontious


  1. dave says:

    These girls Rock. It was a pleasure to watch them live their values. Students Without Borders Academy could not ask for better ambassadors.

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