Solidarity, Collaboration, & Teamwork

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Community Development, Construction, Uncategorized, Volunteer Island, Water


n. A union of interests, purposes, or sympathies among members of a group; fellowship of responsibilities and interests.  (

I met Sebastián Zulueta about a year ago, the Executive Director for America Solidaria, an organization based out of Santiago, Chile.  It was he who truly helped me understand the meaning of the word.
GHA has had the incredible experience of realizing the benefits of working in solidarity the past few months.  We joined forces on a water project that exemplified it’s meaning.  This project was the combined efforts of;  the Boquete Rotary Club, the Rotary Club of Shasta Valley, Contextual Solutions, GHA, & the Peace Corps.  It was supported by the Students without Borders Academy & local volunteers.
You see, no fewer than 5 organizations worked together to achieve incredible results in record time.
Rotary Club of Boquete – Host club
Shasta Valley Rotary – Funding
Contextual Solutions – Site Evaluation & System Design
Peace Corps – Community Presence, Education, & ongoing support
Global Humanitarian Adventures – Purchasing, Logistics, Follow up, & Volunteers
Student Without Borders Academy – Volunteers
Each organization joined into a union of purpose; a fellowship of responsibilities.  Sound familiar, it should.  It’s the definition of solidarity!

One of my greatest frustrations has been groups or organizations that view their work as some sort of competition.  For those individuals/organizations, I say “join a softball league.”  Remove your egos from the job you’ve been blessed with & the responsibility you’ve been given to serve your neighbor.  There is no room for you in the field that we’re working in.

To say that this project was seamless may be a slight exaggeration, and to say that it was extremely efficient & effective would be an understatement.  5 organizations joined forces & focused on each org’s strengths & responsibilities.   While one organization focused on the finances, another was able to focus on design, while another focused on staging, & yet another focused on the sustainability of the project.  Being able to focus on our individual strengths, strengthened the group.

21 rainwater catchment systems providing access to clean water for more than 600 indigenous in 6 different communities!


SOLIDARITY: ... a union of purpose; a fellowship of responsibilities...


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