Featured Volunteer – Chase Lee

Posted: October 26, 2010 in Featured Volunteer

The Volunteer Spotlight shines brightly this month on Chase Lee.  Chase arrived in Panama with enthusiasm & an appetite for adventure.  His self-motivation has proved to be a great asset for GHA.

Chase is not afraid of hard work either… He spends his mornings working at an indigenous school on Isla Solarte in the Bocas del Toro Islands of Panama & his afternoons are spent repairing a walkway for another village through the tropical marshlands that separate this village from the main avenues of the town.

Chase recently helped other volunteers clean & paint Casa Hogar Trisker, the local children’s home in the highlands of Boquete.

He has even taken initiative to start a water catchment program for an impoverished community.

Chase our hat is off to you, we applaud your willingness to serve others.

Muchas Gracias for you time, your energy & your spirit!

For information on how you too can become involved in a Global Humanitarian Adventure, visit us online at  www.goGHA.org

  1. Michael Lee says:

    My son, Chase Lee, is indeed a spectacular human-being, and GHA has been a great fit for him. Muchas Gracias to GHA!

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