Coffee beans & counting beans…

Posted: April 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
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"Beans with Benefits"

Sometimes the most challenging part of my job is not finding the appropriate solution to the problem. It is finding the appropriate amount of funding to pay our bills. You might be able to pave the road with good intentions, but every so often you have to stop and pay the tolls.

At this point our organization, is receiving National recognition. We have grown quickly & effectively, and now is the time for us to start creatively fund-raising. We have come up with numerous ways to generate income, from t-shirts to paid group expeditions to our own coffee, “Beans with Benefits”.

We even flat-out ask for funding at times… Now, would be a GREAT time to support goGHA if you are able. (DONATE)

I find this part of the job to be very trying & stressful.  I guess it is the part that challenges your very motivation for doing what we do.  Well, WE CAN DO THIS!  Yes, WE is the key word in that phrase. Not me or our volunteers, but it is going to take us ALL.

You don’t have to donate $20,000, you can give $20… or, you can buy some our new coffee or a t-shirt for a friend.  Regardless, goGHA has a way for you to get involved globally with any budget.  Join us today in “The Volunteer REVOLUTION”.

Special Thanks

to Carolyn McCarthy who’s creative wordplay branded our “fun”raising campaign, “Beans with Benefits“!  Check out more of her writing & adventures through her blog or in one of numerous Lonely Planet Travel Guides.



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